• F = C/ λ

    Be the light, reflect light, reside in light.

  • Soul mates

    Who is the most important person in your life; YOU.
    Understand that and find your soul mate.

  • Confidence is key

    You cannot be conscious of being unconscious.


9 March 2015

Welcome beautiful soul! 

The easiest thing for our mind to do is to get wrapped up in life. Without realizing it, we in turn miss life almost completely. 

It is my goal to ensure I walk a middle path balanced between life & mind. In doing so i wish to think and reside above the never ending up and down balance of life.

How might one do this? Simply by understanding the truth of life, wrapping your mind around it and using your mind as a tool to reside above it. By understanding the truth of the present; that which is. The truth of the past; that which was. And the truth of the future; that which will be.

This blog is not to rant nor is it to journal my entire minds thoughts. It is here simply to assist in keeping me on my path and if others so desire, enlightening them to a possible better mindset for a better life.

I am very new to focusing on such a journey so I only ask that if you wish to read this blog you keep an open mind to the unknown and pass no judgment. I myself am learning and study each day so feel free to comment with your own thoughts but understand that we are all here for the same reason; to understand life and to be happy about it.

I will always be updating this site and my postings as i learn more; no one is perfect. I also am more focused on allowing my thoughts to be expressed, not so much on perfect grammer, so please excuse any mistakes. 



Be good to each other